Who We Are

About Mirador

Mirador Real Estate LLC is a modern day brokerage comprised of highly trained agents, with an average of 7 years industry experience. Lead by industry veteran Karla Saladino, Mirador’s unique business model allows the brokerage to partner directly with property owners, offering access to marketing, brand consulting, and sales representation, powered by proprietary systems and technology. Currently representing a portfolio of over 11 property owners with 100+ buildings, Mirador is an industry leader with decreased vacancy rates (under 1%) and optimized rent rolls.

The etymology of the word “mirador” is simple. It means “a vantage point providing an expansive view.” Join the team to look ahead through untapped markets, disruptive technologies, old bonds, new relationships, and our commitment to continue on the path we set three years ago. When thinking of Mirador, take stock of where you stand and look to where you want to be.

What We Believe: Mirador’s Core Values

Outrageous Service through Positive Professionalism

We are radiators, not drains. Professionalism and respect run through our communications with both clients and our team. We adhere to a strict sense of confidentiality that leaves no room for gossip. By speaking kindly and expressing ourselves courteously, even in disagreements, we better serve our people, customers, and mission, creating a culture of belonging where everyone is welcome.

Rock Solid Integrity through Ethical Accountability

We are hand raisers, not finger pointers. Our word is our bond. Doing the right thing, even if it’s unpopular, ensure that the team's overall integrity stays intact. High ethical standards and strict adherence to protocols set by the company, REBNY, DOS, and our listing partners are paramount. Most importantly, we create a culture of transparency through our own personal standards.

Solution Driven through Cutting Edge Innovation

We are sophisticated innovators, not stagnant workers. Thriving on cultivating value for our clients, we are resilient, and bounce back from failure. Our team embraces change, and adapts quickly. Technology-infused and imaginative approach to our work allows us to spend more people-time with our clients. We strive for meaningful person-to-person interactions.

Revolutionary Productivity through Collaboration

“We,” not “me” oriented. Joining forces throughout the company allows us to achieve more than we would alone. We see the benefits of teamwork, and strive to make the workloads lighter for each other. We possesses healthy paranoia, anticipating “what’s next”. We live everyday thinking, always more, always better, always with our team.